When it comes to missions at Tomoka, we like to use three simple words: Give. Pray. Go.

While we encourage everyone who is capable to go out and make a difference in the world, there are other ways you can benefit God’s Kingdom through Tomoka’s mission trips too. Donating to the Missions Fund gives Tomoka the opportunity to spread God’s love nationally, and internationally. Many of the mission trips wouldn’t happen if it weren’t for all of the people who support the church body by giving to the Missions Fund.
Praying over all of the mission teams, and the countries throughout the world who Tomoka are reaching with the message of Jesus is a crucial aspect to making any trip successful. The best part of this step is anyone can do it, even you! If you are interested in going on one of our upcoming mission trips, click “Go” below for our current short-term mission trip list.
Contact Jeanne Davis, Short-Term Missions Director, if you have any questions or would like to get involved.