Please pray for the missionaries listed below.

Today, there are still more than 7,000 ethnic groups throughout the world that are still unreached with the gospel. The ministries Christian Aid assists are working among more than 2,000 of these ethnic groups. Indigenous missionaries are working in some of the world’s most destitute countries in eight regions of the world: Africa, China, Eurasia, Europe, Latin America, Middle East, South Asia, and Southeast Asia.

The Bowsers spend time ministering to people in Peru. Their efforts to spread God’s Word to unreached people are making a difference throughout regions of the country.

Unlike most Poles who are raised Catholic, Adam Duliński grew up in an evangelical family. He gave his life to the Lord as a teenager. When he met his wife, Klaudia, they both became adamant in developing a new church in northern Warsaw. They were married in 2004, and in March 2005 Adam was hired as a youth leader at Christian Fellowship North. Adam quickly became responsible for the area of discipleship and missions. In 2016, Adam and Klaudia were commissioned to plant a new church in one of the western districts of Warsaw. Services began in March 2017, and by the fall of 2019 they had become an official fellowship within the Christian churches of Poland. Currently, the Christian Fellowship West congregation is finalizing a contract for renting a venue in a shopping mall in Bemowo. Their vision is to “soak the city with the Gospel through a healthy local church.” Adam and Klaudia are passionate to see this vision fulfilled. They have two children, Veronica and Nathaniel.

Rendon Satizabal and his family, by the grace of God, has been serving the Lord for five years, impacting his community in a huge way and developing small groups within that community. This gave him the opportunity to open their church with many people attending regularly and active leadership of 30 people. He is passionate about preaching the word of God to people and generating a change in their lives. He wants them to know that they can be saved and are loved in spite of social status, family violence, poverty and child malnutrition.