Tomoka sent three mission teams to Anchor Ridge Ministries over the past few months, and all of them were able to make a huge difference.

Two of the teams came from the Ormond campus, and one from Palm Bay. During their time at Anchor Ridge, the teams held outreach events in North Carolina and West Virginia. They loaded people’s cars with groceries, did face painting for some of the local children, filled a blessings box with canned goods, worked on renovation projects in Anchor Ridge’s warehouse and so much more. One of the teams even set up a makeshift salon and gave local residents free haircuts.

“I think people get a kick out of serving in a place that’s in our own country,” said one of the trip’s leaders, Vicki Dietrich. “People right here have great needs. This is in our back yard.”

One of the highlights for a couple of the teams was renovating Anchor Ridge’s newly acquired building in West Virginia, which will be used to house mission teams and the items needed to host outreach events in West Virginia. This will create a much easier workload for future mission teams. One of the teams even gave the building a fresh coat of paint, sprayed weed killer and picked up some trash outside of the building according to its trip leader, Michelle Cripe.

Tomoka’s partnership with Anchor Ridge has rapidly grown over the past couple years, and one of the teams is already planning for next year’s trip. Vicki Dietrich’s team had to leave early due to unforeseen circumstances, but they’re already planning a trip for next July where they aim to accomplish everything they had on their list for this year’s trip.

“We still have most of our funds and supplies, and God has a plan for us to use them next year,” said Dietrich.

If you’re able to go on a trip, Tomoka highly encourages you to check out Anchor Ridge. It’s a trip that offers a lot of rewarding ways to give back. They also have lots of child sponsorship opportunities available. Learn more about both options at the buttons below.