Tomoka’s Palm Bay campus sent a mission team to Anchor Ridge on June 13, and they made a huge difference in so many ways. The team packed bags of food, gloves, sanitizer and makeup, and distributed the goods during a block party at a local apartment complex.

During the block party, they provided pizza for everyone, did crafts with children, and 19 children signed up for Anchor Ridge’s sponsorship program. One of the main highlights during the trip was being able to witness a baptism.

“Seeing a lost soul come to the Lord was the highlight,” said Tricia Porter, who was the mission team leader.

Porter also stated that the team was filled with so much joy while watching children’s faces light up as they received goodie bags filled with food, and participating in the crafts.

The team was also able to bless one of Anchor Ridge’s workers in a very special way. He wasn’t able to afford new shoes, and was wearing ones that were too small for his feet, which was causing them to hurt. After hearing about his situation, the team decided to bless him with two new pairs of shoes!

We are so proud to hear about everything the team accomplished during their trip. Thank you so much for doing God’s work!