God is using Tomoka’s Christmas Eve offering to make an impact right in our own communities. Family Renew, which is one of the ministries that received a portion of the offering, is helping families pick themselves back up. The following was sent to Tomoka as part of a thank you letter from Family Renew’s Executive Director Tony Deobil:

“Because of your support, blessings abound at Family Renew Community. A 24-year-old mother who lived for three months in her car with her kindergartner, now provides for her family with a great job and a two-bedroom apartment. A Coast Guard veteran and his wife, who became homeless with their two teenagers now have new careers in retail management and real estate, and a rental house.”

We are thrilled to see the ways God is using our offering to change the lives of people trying to get back on track. We can’t wait to see what else He has planned for the rest of the offering!