In a year where most of Tomoka’s mission trips had to be postponed until 2021, the Anchor Ridge mission team was able to embark on their trip last Sunday, Oct. 18. They spent a week in the Appalachian Mountains helping Josh Paul’s ministry with various projects around the facility, and blessing families in the surrounding communities.

The team wrapped Christmas presents that will go to underprivileged children in the near future, and decorated Anchor Ridge’s warehouse with Christmas flair. They also sorted and arranged hygiene and cosmetic supplies that will be distributed to families in the area, and held an outreach in West Virginia where they brightened children’s days by painting their faces.

“It was awesome, because Josh and Andrew of Anchor Ridge really appreciate everything we do,” said the mission team’s Co-Leader Jeanne Davis. “Every little bit helps them so much, and being able to help them out just warms the heart.”

One moment during the trip that stuck out to Davis happened in the warehouse. While members of the team were eating lunch, one of Anchor Ridge’s volunteers sat down at the table with them and began sharing her story. The team was able to sit and listen to her, which also gave them the opportunity to offer comfort and pray with her.

“It was incredible, because we could tell that she loved it,” said Davis. “Just knowing that people loved her and were willing to pray for her really made a difference. Those moments are awesome because you’re really shining Jesus’ light, and we’re doing what we came there for.”

Tomoka would like to thank everyone who went on this trip. Your efforts helped a ministry whose work continues to reach people living in some of the country’s most impoverished conditions. Thank you for all you did!