SALM67 Ministries has been doing tremendous work for God’s Kingdom in Vietnam. In 2013, Shaun Miles and his wife, Liên, established a pastoral training center, where they train national pastors and church leaders to teach God’s Word and reach their surrounding communities.

According to its website, SALM67 Ministries “exists to lead others into a personal encounter with Jesus Christ that would lead to a public display of His love, so that the gospel will be purposefully proclaimed across the nations.” Since SALM67 began its ministry, three Bible Training Centers have been established in three different areas of the country. They have also conducted over 50 training classes and graduated 37 pastors and church leaders who are now training other pastors and church leaders.

Tomoka is honored to work with a ministry focused on winning souls for Jesus, and teaching those souls to reach others with God’s Word.

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