In 2018, Tomoka began supporting a ministry that has pregnancy resource centers in five different regions called Beautiful Feet International. Since Tomoka began its support, BFI has seen substantial growth in one of these regions.

Tomoka’s involvement with BFI begin in July of 2018 when we donated funds for them to go on a mission trip to Togo, West Africa. During this trip they conducted a training that taught churches the sanctity of human life, and gave them insight on how to save lives physically and spiritually through pregnancy ministry, according to BFI President Melissa Heiland.

Heiland and her son, Michael, brought an ultrasound machine and taught midwives how to conduct ultrasounds.

“As a result of that trip, we were able to open five pregnancy centers, for a total of nine in Togo,” said Heiland.

They were even able to open a pregnancy center in the midst of the pandemic. Pregnancy centers are crucial in this region because abortions are far too common due to poverty and lack of biblical knowledge. They are working tirelessly to change this culture by making people aware of alternative options for their babies.

So far in 2020, BFI in Togo has had a total of 322 clients, 52 people have accepted Jesus and 46 people have given birth. Tomoka is honored to work with such dedicated ministries and are grateful that God has given us the opportunity to do so. Thank you for your continuous support of our mission fund, which allows us to partner with ministries just like BFI.