Tomoka recently sent a mission team to Philadelphia, PA, where they were able to help hundreds of people. The team spent most of their time at the Philly Dream Center with Pastors David and Shirrie Dominguez, and Pedro and Tania Del Valle.

During their trip, the team packed 200-300 lunches and distributed them to children in the afternoon, right outside the Philly Dream Center. They also went into Downtown Philadelphia to feed several homeless citizens, and clean up garbage off the streets. First responders also received a pleasant surprise when the team delivered baked goods to various departments throughout the city.

Mission Trip Leader Sally Mose said the team wasn’t able to go out most evenings, because a curfew was in place due to protests, but they were still able to accomplish so much during their trip. On the nights they were able to go out, some of the women on the team handed out gift bags to women on the streets and in clubs.

“The word I think of is hope,” said Short-Term Missions Director Meaghan Massy. “The team made the choice to dwell in the Hope of Christ. They chose to be positive, to move forward and to stand beside their brothers and sisters in Christ. It’s truly an example of what it looks like to be the feet and heart of Jesus.”