Tomoka’s Food Pantries in Ormond and Palm Bay fed a total of 1,048 families during the month of April.

“This is exactly what we should be doing as a church,” said Palm Bay Campus Pastor David Fitzgerald. “Every Thursday, there’s literally a line that goes from the east end of our parking lot, all the way through the light off Emerson Road.”

Pastor Fitzgerald also mentioned that feeding people through the Food Pantry has given him insight on what’s going on in their lives. “We’ve had people who have lost their husband, people who have struggled with losing loved ones, and to be a light in the middle of some darkness is exactly what the church needs to be,” said Fitzgerald.

The Children’s ministry in Ormond also partnered up with Tomoka’s Spanish ministry and distributed 500 bags of beans, rice, Maseca and other supplies throughout the Pierson community. Each bag contains enough food to provide a family of four with four separate meals.

Tomoka is grateful that God has allowed us to bless so many families, throughout multiple communities, during a time where people everywhere need assistance. We look forward to seeing how God works through us this month!