Zach Eubanks, a partner of Tomoka Christian Church, recently returned from a trip to South Africa. While there, he was able to work on a farm, help out with a church and more.

The first place Zach visited was the city of Centurion, which gave him a chance to learn more about South African culture. After that, Zach visited a small village in Lesotho, where he lived on a base called Growing Nations.

“We learned to do what was called farming God’s way,” said Eubanks. “This is a really cool method of farming where everything is done by hand, so there’s less soil erosion, creating better, more fertile soil for future generations.”

After spending a month at Growing Nations, Eubanks visited a more “westernized” town called Frankfort. “We spent time working with a church named Kainos, and helped them with their everyday lives,” said Eubanks.

Tomoka would like to thank Zach for his willingness to make a difference by going on this trip. His efforts went a long way in helping people, and he has given us a wonderful example of doing God’s work!