Tomoka’s Namibia mission team blessed children in Okahandja, Namibia back in early July. During their trip, the team built a swing set, a “Flintstones” car, bridge obstacles, climbing obstacles and more.

“Our main focus was relationship building,” said Trip Leader Jim Moore. “Jesus was all about building relationships, and that’s where we put our main objective, which was accomplished through the working of the Holy Spirit, as many relationships were built and continued on from years past.”

The team did a great job building relationships with members of the community in a multitude of ways. They played games with the children, participated in arts and crafts, took part in a worship service and more. They also picked up shards of glass that had been littered all over a soccer field that children with no shoes regularly play on.  These acts of kindness went a long way with developing caring relationships with the community.

“Many thanks go out to those who helped us go, and build relationships and playgrounds,” said Moore. “All bringing honor and glory to our Lord Jesus.”